How to Train Your Mind To Write Short and Sweet

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Every time a content marketer writes, the goal should be that the sentences in your content are easy to absorb. When you aren’t focusing on your content being easy to read, your audience may have to reread sentences, or even stagger over your article. Some writers will get carried away with fancy wording or punctuation, but try to avoid that kind of hype. Your audience doesn’t care about that and they’re there to learn from you, which should be a simple process. That’s why we should all aim for short and sweet material.

Planning your message should be to the point without saying anything unnecessary while including everything that you need to get the message across clearly using as few words as possible. When it comes to reader engagement in content marketing or even professional writing, the writer should understand two things – coherence comprehension.

To create brief and effective writing, isn’t always the most simple of tasks for some. Take me for example. Coming out of college and writing hundreds of research papers and analysis’ would create a habit of complex and complicated sentences. So becoming a content marketer forced me to learn that skill (and it is a skill that needs to be learned).

If you have some difficulty making brief sentences that don’t have much fat on them, you can start learning today with these exercises

By training yourself to write brief content you’ll have the ability to take control of your writing and make them as power as possible, as well as giving you the awareness when your sentences are too lengthy.

Well, let’s start the activities that will make your sentences more effective and brief:

Leverage Twitter

Twitter is restricted to 140 characters per tweet which force you to put everything you need to say, in that short space. and helps you choose your wording carefully to make it easy to understand with your full point being explained.  

Twitter can be a great training tool for writers. Yes, you could fit more information in your sentences if you made them longer but that isn’t the point. The point is to make your sentences have the least amount of words as possible.

Freewrite For Two Minutes Without Stopping

The only rule is to not stop until the timer hits two minutes and don’t slow down. Any misspelled words or unprofessional writing is fine in this exercise. You can write about anything as long as it’s a full thought. A story, your view on a topic, anything will be great for this. After you’re done writing for two minutes straight, check your word count and try to rewrite the same message with only half the words.

Once you reread it, you’ll realize a lot of the bad habits you have and you’ll be aware of in future articles. A few of the things we notice are trying to use adverbs or words that are too complex and unnecessary. Your habits will reveal themselves when you do this exercise a few times.

Simplify Other Website’s Content

Check out some websites with the top ranked content in your industry, and simplify it. Let’s say you’re looking at or, they’re already brief, to the point, and professional. This is perfect for improving your writing skills because you’re taking a piece of content that is already amazing, and trying to make it even better. This will force you to notice the smallest of flaws in writing and ensure you’re making sentences as brief as they can possibly be.

Describe An Unfamiliar Concept And Condense It To 100 Words Or Less

This exercise is simple to understand but not too easy to do. This is an exercise where you pick a topic you don’t have knowledge in and fully describe it in 100 words or less. This pushes your mind by taking something you know nothing about and condensing the how’s, where’s and why’s of the subject to fit in a short amount of words.
These are just a few of the many exercises that you can easily do that will help improve your writing skills. So if you find that you need to create better content, these exercises will push your mind to make your writing sharp for upcoming content marketing. Start testing yourself today, create amazing content, hustle hard to promote it, i’ll be surprised if your business revenue doesn’t skyrocket.