How To Open Your Blog Post With a Bang

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Most people know that the most essential part of your blog post is your title. The second most important part of your blog post is the opening 50 words or so. It’s the part that captives people and reels them in. The is one of the fundamentals of content marketing.

There’s no point taking the time to write a killer headline when the first paragraph if your copy sucks ass. Killer headlines and captivating copy make up the fundamental anatomy of content marketing.

Here are five very quick ways you can start your blog that will captivate your reader:

Ask Your Readers a Question

Starting your blog with a question is a rhetorical device that inspires curiosity and gets the person thinking. Getting your prospect to think about your content means they’re engaging with it, which is an awesome thing.

Share An Interesting Story

Sharing an anecdote is a great way to engage your audience and make your content more relatable. You can also share things like quotes from well-known people to nail down your point.

Create a Mental Image

Creating a mental image in your readers mind is a very powerful thing you can do as a reader. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do to get them to engage with your content. You can use words like “imagine” or “picture this” to trigger mental imaging in your readers mind.

Similes & Metaphors

Utilising things like similes and metaphors and some of the most powerful ways to effectively convey a story. It’s also a good method to draw the person in and provoke mental images that enable your readers to tell their own story through their imagination.

Using Shocking Stats

Starting off with shocking stats is always a good way to draw your readers into your content. People love interesting data, especially when it is factual information that is quite startling. Just make sure that your stats are relevant to your content, otherwise it just won’t make sense.