How To Be Seen Online

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If you knew how hard blogging was going to be before you started would you have started in the first place?

You’ve spent countless hours typing away at that keyboard, creating social media accounts and even reaching out to people. But nothing. No retweets, Facebook shares, backlinks. Is there much point?

I don’t really know how else to put this to you but its more than likely that your content sucks.

You aren’t suffering alone.

Every single blog starts out like this. Some blogs quickly grow out of it and build up a loyal following but others just stagnate. They can’t get out of no mans land. It almost like walking through the desert, hoping and praying you’ll find a town or some form of life, but nothing.

Lets start with some content marketing fundamentals:

Be Useful

Yes, its true that the controversial show offs get a lot of traffic but wouldn’t you rather be known for providing value and actually being useful than just being a clickbait bitch?

There are millions of blogs out there and not a lot of them are useful. Too many people are writing recycled blog posts and not actually doing research themselves.

You can start things off by helping people that know less than you. You really don’t have to be the expert that has spent thousands of hours studying a particular topic. You can teach people that know less than you.

It may seem like you’re producing dumbed-down basic content, but this stuff will be really useful to people out there who are completely new to your topic.

Build Relationships

build relationships

Once you’ve have a solid hub of useful content, its time for you to put yourself out there. Take the time to research your niche figure out the people that you most want to connect with. These sites should have the type of audience that you want on your blog.

Now you need to make the effort with these authorities in your niche. Share their content on social media sites, comment on their blogs, you can even send them an email just to say hello!

It’s important for you to get your picture on Gravatar so people can put a name to a face and recognise you in different places.

Be Patient

Blogging isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time to build a following and to get your website out there. When it comes to things like rankings organically in Google, be prepared to wait. You’ve got to put in the work, put your head down for a few months and come up with some insanely amazing content. Monster guides that cover every possible nook and cranny of a particular topic, for example.

Every successful content marketer started out with zero visitors. Well actually, one visitor, him/herself! How much you go beyond this depends on your level of execution and your discipline.

Be Funny (If You Can)

If you can pull of humour online. You absolutely need to take advantage of that. People love this. You can’t afford to take yourself too seriously.

Put your own unique spin on things and convey your personality in your blog, this is literally your brand. your USP. It’s what separates you from the the rest of the crew.

Even if you’re the most boring person in the world. Make fun of yourself for that!

Find Out What Scares You

If you’re blogging and you can’t capture your readers attention, your content is probably boring.

No child is boring, crazy, annoying and headache-inducing but definitely not boring. We aren’t boring by nature!

Something made you boring. Something happened to your in the past that has had this negative effect on you. Maybe you were told off for stepping out of line or someone picked on you for being you. So you decided to protect yourself by never allowing yourself to step outside that comfort zone again.

You got punished for being interesting and amazing. If Oprah never found the strength to tell her story of overcoming torturous adversity, she wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as she if now.

Open yourself up to you. Don’t suppress anything. Allow yourself to become your strongest version. Doing this is the hardest thing you’ll ever do but it needs to be done in order to like an amazing life so you may as well get started now.