How to Build A Loving Relationship With Writing Content Again

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If you’ve ever said that you’re so sick of writing and you’re close to throwing your computer out of the window, you aren’t alone.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, copywriter or content creator, maybe even all three, writing can be really tough sometimes. Starting a business from scratch is really tough. Especially because most people have low startup capital, so a lot of the menial grunt work has to be completed by yours truly!

After a while, content marketing can get pretty exhausting. All you want to do is give up. Writers can go through lots of different things that grow their hatred towards writing. Some get bored with what they’re writing about and some can’t come up with new content.

No matter what your reasoning behind your writer’s block, there is a way to be in love with writing again. Here are a few tips to get your writing groove back.

Take a break from writing

If you’re feeling worn out from all the writing you’ve been doing, sometimes some space between you two can help your relationship. Sometimes this can mean just short breaks in your day or even a few days off from the writing aspect of your work.

When you take a break from writing, it can give your brain some room to recharge and if you are dedicated to writing, you’ll be excited to get back to it not too long after. Don’t worry about slacking or losing momentum, it’ll come back even stronger when you have that time away to actually be excited about writing like you used to.

If you have a goal of publishing three blogs per day and you don’t want to take your goal off track, trust me, it’s fine. Taking a break and coming back with amazing content is better than pushing through and publishing low-quality work that won’t represent your brand anyway.

Express your emotional negativity towards writing… by writing

What I mean by this is take five minutes to write about your emotions about writing and put it all out there.  When you ignore your emotion in any aspect of life, your negativity will build up, and you’ll never get over that negativity. When you express your feelings, you’ll soon get over it and find your love soon after.

Today, people around us always want to ignore negative emotions by being distracted, for example. There is a misconception that you shouldn’t complain or let your negative emotions out because they’ll get worse. False. You need to take a break and reflect and understand your feelings. (Feel free to apply this to any aspect of your life).

Change the environment that you write in

The environment you write in does influence your writing abilities. If you’re feeling no creative sparks or inspiration, simply change your environment. If you’re inside, try going outside. If you work from home, try being at a coffee shop and creating content.

Sometimes changing your environment can be that push that gets you excited about writing again and attracts some new ideas to your mind.


When you start having negative feelings about writing, your brain might be stuck. It’s stuck on focusing only on the hatred of writing. How do you solve this? By doing absolutely nothing.

By just relaxing and not thinking about anything, it’ll allow your brain to process all your thought and emotions that can help deeper thinking and promote new ideas.

Once you’ve taken all these simple steps to rekindle your relationship with writing, you’ll be right back to your honeymoon stage that you were at a few years back. Love is something you can’t force so take the steps to work on yourself and your love will grow.

So take a step back, relax, change your environment, and understand yourself and great things will happen for your content.