Welcome to the jasonrshaver.com about me page!

My name is Jason. I’m is an aspiring content marketer who lives for the unknown. I’m currently finishing my last year of studies in marketing at the university college London. I’m originally from the states but I ended up coming to the UK and settling down here with my family a few years ago. I absolutely love it here in London, what a popping city!

I’ve has always had a fascination with writing and wordplay. Words are powerful things that can captivate, inspire and change peoples lives.

Writing content that creates a buzz and really draws people in is something of an art form in my opinion.

Having the ability to write a piece of content that persuades and drives someone to complete an action is powerful. Language is a very powerful thing. It is what has allowed us to become so advanced as a species and civilisation.

As an aspiring content marketer i’m still learning and honing my content marketing craft. I’ve managed to find some amazing resources out there that have really helped me bolster my content marketing skill set, but I know i’ve still got a hell of a long way to go!

I’ve started this blog so I can practice my content marketing as well as share some valuable, insightful information with you.

My goals are to build this blog out into something that draws attention from some of the top content marketers in the industry. As I hone my skills i’ll start coming out with better content for you to absorb.

I hope you stick around for the ride, feel free to hit me up at any point if you want a chat – [email protected]