6 Content Writing Secrets Adopted from Professional Writers

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No matter what kind of content or business you’re creating, whether it’s guide’s, how-to’s, or stories; you can benefit from the tactics that professional writers use. This article is to help all content marketers produce a high amount of content, while ensuring the best quality. Professional writers are known to use these tips and tricks to make sure they always have something unique, high quality, and consistent to write about, and applying them can take your blog, or your affiliate marketing business to the next level.


Keep Busy Researching

The first step in having continuous ideas for your content marketing is filling all your time with research. Learning and researching not be limited to when you’re planning your content only. Your content will show significant growth if you’re constantly researching as ideas start popping in your head. As soon as you get ideas, start brainstorming and writing down ways that you could develop that idea for your content.


When you have ideas, it’s not always when you’re ready to sit down for five hours and write a meaty post, so planning and expanding your thoughts as ideas come to mind will make your writing process a lot easier.


So as you get an idea, what are the things you should be taking note of? These can be thinking of major points you’ll be making, jotting down some great resources on the topic, and taking note of every single thought on the topic. By constantly researching and recording everything you’re thinking about, you’ll have your outline done before you even sit down to write.

Find Your Voice

The second important tip in writing professionally is writing in your own unique voice and style. Your content should represent who you are and the unique personality that you have. Don’t try to copy someone else that’s successfully writing, create your own brand through your voice.


Style is a prized possession in writing, and it should be constantly evolving and developing. There is a simple process of finding your voice in writing if you don’t know what yours is, just yet. First, find 5 content writers that have a certain style that you enjoy reading, then select one piece of their content that represents each of them.  Pick your favorite piece of writing and take note of their introduction sentence, formatting, structure, how the ideas are developed, how they end the articles, and how they made a call to action.


The next step in finding your voice is writing an article for your own brand in the same way your favorite writer did, then write another one in the same format but slightly changing something that will make it sound more that you. After you continue to do this with many articles, continue changing one aspect of the article to make it sound more like you.


Soon, you’ll have your own writing style that’ll represent your voice, inspired by your favorite writers.

Have One Purpose

When writing your articles professionally, only talk about one thing. The first thing you want to think about when producing content is outlining what the point is. A few issues content writers will make is either not giving enough detail, or giving too much detail for the space used.


Despite the length you want your article to be,  it should only be as detailed as the length allows. A short article should provide a high-level discussion of the general topic, or in-depth coverage on one aspect of the topic. In longer articles, you should aim for the space to be filled with lots of detail. The way you choose the length is by understanding what your readers want and provide the length that can fulfill their desires, as well as lengths that will trigger engagement.


Find A Unique Angle

Next step in writing like a professional is finding a unique way to write on the topic. You may be covering a trending topic that hundreds of other articles have covered. That’s fine. Although, the point isn’t to repeat what everyone is saying, but to add value to the conversation. Try looking for new perspective and a fresh way to give readers information they haven’t come across before.

Keep it Real

Don’t lie. Lying to make your content more hype will not help you gain trust from your readers. Obviously. Being hyped in your content won’t get your readers excited about your brand, but make them feel like they’re being manipulated.


Keep the goal of purley adding value to people’s lives and tone down the unnecessary tone and lies. When you’re giving extremely valuable and simple content, your readers will be satisfied and entertained.


Edit. Edit. Edit.

Great writing is never produced by the first draft. The first draft is a great way to lay out all the things you would like to say, but it’s most of the time, badly written. When you’re writing, get all your ideas down, write fast to keep up with your mind’s new ideas, and then edit to worry about all small things. Editing shouldn’t be done after one round. For your best work, go through your article several times and continue to make improvements until it’s reached its highest potential.