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The Steps to Build a Successful Foundation for Your Blog Launch

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I think we’ve done enough convincing that blogging for businesses, work. We know it does and we see the results in action every single day. But some are still a little uneasy about starting a blog and unsure of the steps to build a successful one.

Blogging is a crucial part of inbound marketing because your company can become a reliable source in the industry, attract new visitors to your website, and also builds SEO juice. If you still aren’t convinced that blogging is for you, keep in mind that B2B marketers who have a blog will attract 67% more leads than companies who don’t, and companies that have prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to experience a positive return on investment.

While blogs only real cost is time, it’s still a huge commitment. A blog takes planning, resources and effort to provide enough value for an ROI.



The first step in launching a successful blog is identifying your target prospect

Building the foundation for your blog is the most important thing you can do for your business, and that is understanding the customers you’re targeting. To write successfully you need to understand your prospect’s pain points and be the resource that is the solution to all their problems. In this case, your content will be the answer to their questions and concerns.

The first step in achieving this is by creating a fictional character that would be the ideal customer. This helps you understand your customers better and help you tailor your content to their specific needs.

The kind of information you need to collect in order to understand your buyer’s and all of their needs, is by following this persona template:

  • Interview customer: This can be over the phone, in person, or over email. This interview is to help you discover what they like about your product or service, what their pain points are, and what kind of topics would help solve their problems.
  • Interview your employees: Your employees are in contact with your customers and are a great source to tell you about who your customers are and what they’re looking for.
  • Gain important personal information: A simple way of doing this is by asking additional information in the forms they fill out on your website. Asking simple questions that can increase the understanding of your customers will give you insight on what your content should be about, and what kind of person it’ll be aimed at.

Once you have an understanding of who your target audience is, you can start coming up with content ideas for your blog.


You know who you’re writing for, now the next step is finding content that your audience needs.

The way to do this is by starting off with content that stays relevant for years. There are topics that will remain interesting to your customers no matter the date or changes in the industry, and you should start with those.

By doing general topics that are timeless, it’ll help you rank for the main keywords in your industry that are most popular.Targeting fads in your industry will usually only be searched for a small amount of time and won’t rank in the future. You can figure out timeless content by targeting all of your customers pain points, coming up with one main topic and creating content around those main keywords, and making it helpful to their needs. For example, “do’s and don’ts of…”


The next step in your blog foundation is creating a content strategy

The past few steps were about the organization of your blog, but now let’s focus on the strategy for your blog. So prior to launching your blog you need to create an internal strategy for both long term and short term. This has to do with frequency of blogs, what kind of content you’ll be providing, and traffic goals resulting from your launch.

Deciding how often you want to publish blogs has to do with how much time and effort your content marketing team is willing to put into it. But the simple rule of thumb is, the more your blog, the more traffic you’ll receive. Most companies starting off will publish one blog a day, or a few times a week. That’s a pretty decent place to start.

When it comes to planning what kind of content you want to post, it can be a big variation. You can write bulleted posts, ebooks, videos, numerical lists, how to’s, etc. Making your blog diversified will keep your audience entertained and it’ll also give your company insight to what kind of content your audience responds best to.

Deciding what your goals are for when you launch your blog is important for growing your content marketing and keeping track of your blog’s metrics. Creating goals for your blogs doesn’t just mean how much you want to make off it, but the tactics you’ll be doing to make sure that you reach those goals.
These are the steps in creating a powerful foundation and guaranteeing that you have a successful blog launch. People are discovering how valuable blogs can be for a company, and this is how you make content marketing an asset for your business.

How to Build A Loving Relationship With Writing Content Again

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If you’ve ever said that you’re so sick of writing and you’re close to throwing your computer out of the window, you aren’t alone.

After a while, content marketing can get pretty exhausting. All you want to do is give up. Writers can go through lots of different things that grow their hatred towards writing. Some get bored with what they’re writing about and some can’t come up with new content.

No matter what your reasoning behind your writer’s block, there is a way to be in love with writing again. Here are a few tips to get your writing groove back.

Take a break from writing

If you’re feeling worn out from all the writing you’ve been doing, sometimes some space between you two can help your relationship. Sometimes this can mean just short breaks in your day or even a few days off from the writing aspect of your work.

When you take a break from writing, it can give your brain some room to recharge and if you are dedicated to writing, you’ll be excited to get back to it not too long after. Don’t worry about slacking or losing momentum, it’ll come back even stronger when you have that time away to actually be excited about writing like you used to.

If you have a goal of publishing three blogs per day and you don’t want to take your goal off track, trust me, it’s fine. Taking a break and coming back with amazing content is better than pushing through and publishing low-quality work that won’t represent your brand anyway.

Express your emotional negativity towards writing… by writing

What I mean by this is take five minutes to write about your emotions about writing and put it all out there.  When you ignore your emotion in any aspect of life, your negativity will build up, and you’ll never get over that negativity. When you express your feelings, you’ll soon get over it and find your love soon after.

Today, people around us always want to ignore negative emotions by being distracted, for example. There is a misconception that you shouldn’t complain or let your negative emotions out because they’ll get worse. False. You need to take a break and reflect and understand your feelings. (Feel free to apply this to any aspect of your life).

Change the environment that you write in

The environment you write in does influence your writing abilities. If you’re feeling no creative sparks or inspiration, simply change your environment. If you’re inside, try going outside. If you work from home, try being at a coffee shop and creating content.

Sometimes changing your environment can be that push that gets you excited about writing again and attracts some new ideas to your mind.


When you start having negative feelings about writing, your brain might be stuck. It’s stuck on focusing only on the hatred of writing. How do you solve this? By doing absolutely nothing.

By just relaxing and not thinking about anything, it’ll allow your brain to process all your thought and emotions that can help deeper thinking and promote new ideas.

Once you’ve taken all these simple steps to rekindle your relationship with writing, you’ll be right back to your honeymoon stage that you were at a few years back. Love is something you can’t force so take the steps to work on yourself and your love will grow.

So take a step back, relax, change your environment, and understand yourself and great things will happen for your content.

How to Train Your Mind To Write Short and Sweet

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Every time a content marketer writes, the goal should be that the sentences in your content are easy to absorb. When you aren’t focusing on your content being easy to read, your audience may have to reread sentences, or even stagger over your article. Some writers will get carried away with fancy wording or punctuation, but try to avoid that kind of hype. Your audience doesn’t care about that and they’re there to learn from you, which should be a simple process. That’s why we should all aim for short and sweet material.

Planning your message should be to the point without saying anything unnecessary while including everything that you need to get the message across clearly using as few words as possible. When it comes to reader engagement in content marketing or even professional writing, the writer should understand two things – coherence comprehension.

To create brief and effective writing, isn’t always the most simple of tasks for some. Take me for example. Coming out of college and writing hundreds of research papers and analysis’ would create a habit of complex and complicated sentences. So becoming a content marketer forced me to learn that skill (and it is a skill that needs to be learned).

If you have some difficulty making brief sentences that don’t have much fat on them, you can start learning today with these exercises

By training yourself to write brief content you’ll have the ability to take control of your writing and make them as power as possible, as well as giving you the awareness when your sentences are too lengthy.

Well, let’s start the activities that will make your sentences more effective and brief:

Leverage Twitter

Twitter is restricted to 140 characters per tweet which force you to put everything you need to say, in that short space. and helps you choose your wording carefully to make it easy to understand with your full point being explained.  

Twitter can be a great training tool for writers. Yes, you could fit more information in your sentences if you made them longer but that isn’t the point. The point is to make your sentences have the least amount of words as possible.

Freewrite For Two Minutes Without Stopping

The only rule is to not stop until the timer hits two minutes and don’t slow down. Any misspelled words or unprofessional writing is fine in this exercise. You can write about anything as long as it’s a full thought. A story, your view on a topic, anything will be great for this. After you’re done writing for two minutes straight, check your word count and try to rewrite the same message with only half the words.

Once you reread it, you’ll realize a lot of the bad habits you have and you’ll be aware of in future articles. A few of the things we notice are trying to use adverbs or words that are too complex and unnecessary. Your habits will reveal themselves when you do this exercise a few times.

Simplify Other Website’s Content

Check out some websites with the top ranked content in your industry, and simplify it. Let’s say you’re looking at or, they’re already brief, to the point, and professional. This is perfect for improving your writing skills because you’re taking a piece of content that is already amazing, and trying to make it even better. This will force you to notice the smallest of flaws in writing and ensure you’re making sentences as brief as they can possibly be.

Describe An Unfamiliar Concept And Condense It To 100 Words Or Less

This exercise is simple to understand but not too easy to do. This is an exercise where you pick a topic you don’t have knowledge in and fully describe it in 100 words or less. This pushes your mind by taking something you know nothing about and condensing the how’s, where’s and why’s of the subject to fit in a short amount of words.
These are just a few of the many exercises that you can easily do that will help improve your writing skills. So if you find that you need to create better content, these exercises will push your mind to make your writing sharp for upcoming content marketing. Start testing yourself today and create amazing content.

How To Be Seen Online

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If you know how hard blogging was going to be before you started would you have started in the first place?

You’ve spent countless hours typing away at that keyboard, creating social media accounts and even reaching out to people. But nothing. No retweets, Facebook shares, backlinks. Is there much point?

I don’t really know how else to put this to you but its more than likely that your content sucks.

You aren’t suffering alone.

Every single blog starts out like this. Some blogs quickly grow out of it and build up a loyal following but others just stagnate. They can’t get out of no mans land. It almost like walking through the desert, hoping and praying you’ll find a town or some form of life, but nothing.

Lets start with some content marketing fundamentals:

Be Useful

Yes, its true that the controversial show offs get a lot of traffic but wouldn’t you rather be known for providing value and actually being useful than just being a clickbait bitch?

There are millions of blogs out there and not a lot of them are useful. Too many people are writing recycled blog posts and not actually doing research themselves.

You can start things off by helping people that know less than you. You really don’t have to be the expert that has spent thousands of hours studying a particular topic. You can teach people that know less than you.

It may seem like you’re producing dumbed-down basic content, but this stuff will be really useful to people out there who are completely new to your topic.

Build Relationships

build relationships

Once you’ve have a solid hub of useful content, its time for you to put yourself out there. Take the time to research your niche figure out the people that you most want to connect with. These sites should have the type of audience that you want on your blog.

Now you need to make the effort with these authorities in your niche. Share their content on social media sites, comment on their blogs, you can even send them an email just to say hello!

It’s important for you to get your picture on Gravatar so people can put a name to a face and recognise you in different places.

Be Patient

Blogging isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time to build a following and to get your website out there. When it comes to things like rankings organically in Google, be prepared to wait. You’ve got to put in the work, put your head down for a few months and come up with some insanely amazing content. Monster guides that cover every possible nook and cranny of a particular topic, for example.

Every successful content marketer started out with zero visitors. Well actually, one visitor, him/herself! How much you go beyond this depends on your level of execution and your discipline.

Be Funny (If You Can)

If you can pull of humour online. You absolutely need to take advantage of that. People love this. You can’t afford to take yourself too seriously.

Put your own unique spin on things and convey your personality in your blog, this is literally your brand. your USP. It’s what separates you from the the rest of the crew.

Even if you’re the most boring person in the world. Make fun of yourself for that!

Find Out What Scares You

If you’re blogging and you can’t capture your readers attention, your content is probably boring.

No child is boring, crazy, annoying and headache-inducing but definitely not boring. We aren’t boring by nature!

Something made you boring. Something happened to your in the past that has had this negative effect on you. Maybe you were told off for stepping out of line or someone picked on you for being you. So you decided to protect yourself by never allowing yourself to step outside that comfort zone again.

You got punished for being interesting and amazing. If Oprah never found the strength to tell her story of overcoming torturous adversity, she wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as she if now.

Open yourself up to you. Don’t suppress anything. Allow yourself to become your strongest version. Doing this is the hardest thing you’ll ever do but it needs to be done in order to like an amazing life so you may as well get started now.…

The Anatomy Of Content Marketing

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Content marketing was all the rage in 2016. Companies all over the world invested heavily in blogging and creating linkable assets for their business.

I truly believe that content marketing is one of the best ways to market products and services because it provides overwhelming value.

The amount of things we can get for free nowadays is pretty amazing. We have the luxury of being offered insane amounts of free content. Some of the ebooks and white papers we have access to could be full on books in their own right.

This infographic from ContentPlus is an interesting one that explores the anatomy of content marketing, providing some unique insights into this awesome marketing strategy.

Some interesting insights explored:

Increased Visibility

  • Blogs on infographic sites increased the amount of visitors by 55% overall.
  • Companies that have blogs get up to 97% more inbound links compared to others. An insane number!
  • A significant chunk of marketers say that blogs are the most valuable content type when it comes to marketing.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Blogs make Google crawl your sites more deeply. They give websites up to 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Blogging is an awesome way to get more eyeballs on your website.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Interestingly, the main factor in up to 50% of buying decisions is word of mouth. This is a powerful form of social proof that has proven effective time and time again.

Social Media

It was found that compelling content made social media campaigns more successful. 75% of marketers agree that compelling content is a contributing factor in closing sales in their business.


Content marketing should be seen as the backbone of all marketing strategies for companies and individuals all over the world. It is a fantastic way for you to connect with your audience, provide value and build a list of subscribers.…


How To Open Your Blog Post With a Bang

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Most people know that the most essential part of your blog post is your title. The second most important part of your blog post is the opening 50 words or so. It’s the part that captives people and reels them in. The is one of the fundamentals of content marketing.

There’s no point taking the time to write a killer headline when the first paragraph if your copy sucks ass. Killer headlines and captivating copy make up the fundamental anatomy of content marketing.

Here are five very quick ways you can start your blog that will captivate your reader:

Ask Your Readers a Question

Starting your blog with a question is a rhetorical device that inspires curiosity and gets the person thinking. Getting your prospect to think about your content means they’re engaging with it, which is an awesome thing.

Share An Interesting Story

Sharing an anecdote is a great way to engage your audience and make your content more relatable. You can also share things like quotes from well-known people to nail down your point.

Create a Mental Image

Creating a mental image in your readers mind is a very powerful thing you can do as a reader. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do to get them to engage with your content. You can use words like “imagine” or “picture this” to trigger mental imaging in your readers mind.

Similes & Metaphors

Utilising things like similes and metaphors and some of the most powerful ways to effectively convey a story. It’s also a good method to draw the person in and provoke mental images that enable your readers to tell their own story through their imagination.

Using Shocking Stats

Starting off with shocking stats is always a good way to draw your readers into your content. People love interesting data, especially when it is factual information that is quite startling. Just make sure that your stats are relevant to your content, otherwise it just won’t make sense.